Saturday, December 25, 2010

Saya suka die..maybe....

Nita rasa nita suke die.
Tp knp nita suke die?
myb btol nita suke die..
sebab nita pernah suke die dulu..

Sometimes, ble die xd, rase windu kt die..
knp lak nita nk windu kt die..
he just a frens,like others..
but why nita teringat kt die..
myb btol nita windu kt die,
sebab nita pernah windu kt die dlu...

Ble nita ad mslh, or need smeone to share,
nita mst teringat kt die..
ase nk text die trus,
nk story kt die sume..
tp knp die?
knp x owg len..
myb btol nita perlu kan die..
sebab nita pernah ase sgt perlukan die dlu..

Ble nita pk, y die akan ad owg len,
nita akan bt xthu jew.
tp sbnrnye nita jeles ckt..
npe nk jeles lak ek..
ske hti die la nk ad owg len pn.
myb btol nita jeles..
sebab nita pernah jeles kt die dlu

Ble nita pk yang nita akan duk jauh,
nita cm terpk blik..
ble agknye ley jpe die..
really hope oneday we can meet each other..
but dont know when.....

Nita bkn sape-sape pada die..
just a good fren mybe.
so, nk kco die salu cm xbes lak.
but actually nita suke die kco nita w'pn hri-hri..
sebab myb .....xthu la..hehe

Whatever it is, he's really a good fren..
even if we not meant for each other,
i hope we still remain as a good fren FOREVER..
even if he met another girl,
i pray for his happiness,
like before..
but please be my good fren FOREVER..

* For him: please stay by my side..forever..;'(

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