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Saturday, November 26, 2011

1/2 sem


Cantek tarikh ni..once in a lifetime ;) hari ni hari ahad, very bored sunday..hri ni i read back all my previous entry. ble da baca balik, ingat balik kenangan-kenangan lama. bgos jgk ade blog ni..keep all my memory..mybe lau owg len baca, mst nth ape2, but its just for me ;) so, nita kne salu update, ble baca balik mst conok ^^

Today story :

Everything going great with my daily routine, everyday wake up early in the morning,
prepared for the bored class until nite, stdy, stdy n stdy..a lot of test upcoming :(
such a great days right? ;) but times goes faster than i'm expect.
i'm only have about 1 month n half before my final. ( lau xslh la..hehe )

as usual, everyday missing my lovely mummy, yaya, iman, my family, my messy bedroom, n miss my hubby as well. ;(

but still, i'm happy with my crazy frens...nasib baik saya ade mereka ;D
kami mgira detik-detik untuk ke final bersame-same..hehe

skg saya ade patrick star hehe

* hubby saya ckp, nk tulis diari, tulis dalam buku la, tp skg da canggih la mucuk, on9 diary..hehe ;)

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