Sunday, May 15, 2011

my big big day ;D

i know how much she love me...
i love u too mum!
this is for u... <3

thnx sis ;D

na!.. next time kte da xley knvo sekali..;'(

for my lovely roomate, thnx for coming..really appreciate it..;)
b pn, nothing much to say, i love you s0oooooo much! 
kenangan diploma xakan dilupakan for the rest of my life.. 
zaman degree xkn sme mcm diploma, never forget out DTM family..;) <3 <3
( cm bg ucapan plak, poyo ah nita ;p )

p/s : hepy sgt-sgt, 1st time dpt bunga, ad tedy bear, ad coklat, leb2 jew xd, tp xpe...besla knvo..nk knvo byk kali ase..hee next time lak ey nita, tgu knvo degree time dgree mst xsme cm diploma da..;(

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